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New Survey Sheds Light on U.S. Worker and Job Seeker Frustrations About Recruitment

In a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor, more than 1,100 working or job seeking adults were assessed about their top frustrations in the recruitment process.

The survey revealed that many individuals were disappointed about feeling uninformed during the hiring process. Specifically, here are a few of the frustrations workers and job seekers identified most often:

  • A lack of information about a job’s total compensation package, including pay and benefits (50 percent of survey participants).
  • Potential employers cancelling or postponing interviews (50 percent of survey participants).
  • Potential employers not responding in a timely manner (47 percent of survey participants).

The survey also shared insight into workers’ and job seekers’ expectations of how long the interview process should take. Eighty-two percent of survey participants said they want the entire interview process to take less than one month and 40 percent said less than one week.

In a 2017 study, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain found that the average length of the interview process in the U.S. is 23.8 days—significantly longer than the timeline the surveyed workers and job seekers desire.

The good news is that individuals can take action to accelerate the hiring process and gain more insight into their potential compensation package. If you work with adults or students who need assistance with these steps, connect with the team at JIST today. We offer several resources designed to help individuals navigate the job search process more effectively to achieve employment more quickly.

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