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11 Tips for Managing Stress More Effectively

Guest post by Shea Pream, JIST’s Associate Product Manager

A desk buried in paperwork. Dirty dishes overwhelming the kitchen sink. A broken-down car in the shop. A heated argument with your spouse. Stressors such as these can take a significant toll on your well-being, especially when they occur concurrently.

Many of us experience moments of stress throughout the day for one reason or another. And that’s not a bad thing. Stress is the body’s perfectly natural response to encountering challenges. Stress causes changes to your body and brain that are designed to prepare you to overcome challenges.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association and the American Institute of Stress, 75% of adults report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in their lives and 80% of workers say they feel stress on the job.

It’s important to identify factors or situations that trigger your stress. Once you can recognize when stress is coming on, you will be able to better manage it. Here are some tips to help you manage and relieve your stress effectively:

  • Practice yoga, tai chi, or meditation.
  • Take deep, regular breaths.
  • Engage in physical exercise, such as a walk.
  • Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
  • Treat yourself to a massage.
  • Set goals, prioritize work tasks, and delegate responsibility to manage your time.
  • Avoid over-scheduling and procrastination.
  • Balance your work and personal lives.
  • Learn to say “no.”
  • Eliminate clutter or noise in your work or personal environment that may frustrate you.
  • Spend more time on activities you love, such as talking to friends, working in a garden, or listening to music.

Managing stress is an essential life skill. When stress is properly managed, it can be motivating. Once you’ve learned to control the amount of stress you feel, you can channel it into something positive, rather than letting it overwhelm you and impact your ability to work efficiently and enjoy your life.

Comment below to share your favorite strategy for alleviating stress.

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