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Three ways to get students ready for college success

There are many barriers that job seekers face in today’s workforce. The ebb and flow of the job market, the dos and don’ts of resumes, and the changing setting for an interview all put pressure on job seekers. But, according to the Department of Labor Statistics, one thing that job seekers will always see is that more unemployed individuals have less education and individuals with higher earnings have more education.

If you are in the position to provide academic and career advice to students and clients, work closely with them so they consider their options for additional training and education. Not every individual needs to attend a four-year institution; there are two-year institutions, career and vocational instructions, and other training and certification centers that can give individuals a leg up from other job seekers. It will take time and dedication to complete additional schooling and training, but as the stats show, career advancement will be more attainable with additional education and training.

Here are some ways to help students make smart decisions and be proactive in their college and career planning.

  • Allow students to explore and identify academic and career interests.
  • Promote discovery of skills they need to develop for college success.
  • Help individuals choose college majors, make the most of their academic experience, and overcome barriers to success.

Whether assisting with academic and career exploration, assessing barriers to education, supporting college survival and success, or preparing students for the college-to-career transition, JIST Career Solutions tailors resources to better serve the unique needs and goals of your students and clients.

What other ways would you suggest helping students prepare for and succeed in college?

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