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Three Ways to Place Job Seekers Into the Workforce

A guiding principle shared among every workforce organization is a commitment to continually improve service for job seekers. But it takes a lot to meet the needs of clients these days. Between funding, recording keeping, and accountability standards, it can be hard to find the time to help clients gain the skills that are essential for employment success.

Here are three ways you can accomplish your commitment to place job seekers into the workforce!

  1. Collect data about every client you serve at your organization.

Utilize systems that can access real-time, reportable data on clients’ activities and progress, so that you can provide clients with feedback and action plans to help them move forward.

  1. Control content that gives clients guidance and instruction for skill-building and the development of job search tools.

Tailoring resources to your clients’ needs will ensure that they are getting up-to-date, relevant, and accurate guidance and instruction. Avoiding open resources, like YouTube, will safeguard    the information your clients receive and use.

  1. Create individualized plans that meet your clients’ needs.

Questioning or assessing clients about their career interests and goals isn’t enough. Clients need further guidance about how to develop their skills, overcome their employment barriers, and   pursue additional training paths. Using assessment and career development tools, you can prompt clients to self-reflect and take action without relying on your instructions about what to do next.

How has your organization been successful or challenged in taking these steps? Leave a comment below to share your experiences.

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