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We are a leading provider of materials and technology that help hard-to-employ populations build essential skills for career, academic, and life success. Our solutions will help your clients become proactive, prepare for their futures, and master techniques to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Our solutions

How people learn is changing, so we offer a wide variety of print and digital learning solutions, including assessments, eBooks, workbooks, videos, software, and more.

With more than 500 learning solutions to choose from, you’ll find resources that align with your organization’s goals and the needs of your clients or students.

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Our history

In 1981, “America’s Career Expert,” Michael Farr, founded JIST (Job Information Seeking and Training) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its goal was to serve workforce practitioners and career development professionals with training on career planning and the job search.

JIST became a publishing company in 1986 with the release of Getting the Job You Really Want. We rapidly developed more learning solutions and now offer 500-plus resources.

Today, JIST is a division of Paradigm Education Solutions and is the largest provider of print and digital learning solutions on career development and life skills.

Upcoming events

JIST will be exhibiting at the following events. Visit our booth for a chance to win prizes and preview our resources.

Southeastern Employment and Training Association Spring Conference
March 3-5 | Asheville, NC

NAWB Forum
March 23-26  |  Washington, D.C.

Commission on Adult Basic Education Conference
March 31-April 3 | New Orleans, LA

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Frequently asked questions

What is JIST’s federal tax I.D.?

How do I get permission for using a portion of JIST’s content?
All JIST content is protected by copyright law. Please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at www.copyright.com or (978) 750-8400. On JIST’s behalf, the Copyright Clearance Center provides annual licenses and pay-per-use permission for JIST content in various print and digital formats.

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